Goodness, where has my week gone?

Wednesday evening, I made a spur of the moment decision to drive down to Springs (an hour and a half away) to visit my friend Kristy after she got off work. I had called her earlier that day and just hearing her voice made me miss her, which is why I decided to make the drive.

Since I knew I had a long drive ahead of me, I made sure to bring along my iPod so that I would have some good tunes to sing along to. As I was getting ready to leave, I got the iPod out and scrolled to a song on my playlist, which happened to be Dreams by the Cranberries, and clicked “Play.” Then I realized I needed to plugin in the iPod to the car stereo using an adaptor that was in our other vehicle before I would be able to actually hear the song. I hopped out, grabbed the adaptor in the other car, and got back into our car. As I did so, I noticed that Dreams was playing and I could hear it. I had a moment of confusion. How could I hear it playing when I hadn’t plugged the iPod into the car stereo or any other type of speaker yet? It was then that I realized that the radio station that was on in the car was playing the song at the same time as my unplugged iPod. Weird. What are the chances?

My time with Kristy was well worth the drive. We had a nice time catching up. It was also nice to have a girls’ night and have an evening off, as Greg was kind enough to stay home with Miss Banana.

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