A Toy Story

While I don’t want Adrianna to grow up because I am enjoying this age so much, there will be a few nice things about her getting older. No more diapers, better communication, and a new one I am adding to my list: the toys!

At the risk of sounding like a bad mom, sometimes I get bored when I am home for too long. I do enjoy playing with Adrianna, but there are only so many times I can name the same pictures in the same books over and over before going crazy out of my mind. And putting shapes through the shape sorter is just too easy for me. But there is hope in sight. As Adrianna gets older, the toys get more fun!

Greg and I visited Toys ‘R Us last night and browsed through almost every aisle. Well, he skipped over the little girl toys and I skipped over the little boy toys. But as I was looking at so many of the toys, I started getting excited for the day when Adrianna will want to play with some of them. For me it was Kitchen Sets, Lincoln Logs, and My Little Pony. For Greg, Legos.

While we are on the subject of Legos, we discovered that they have a new set of legos out called Lego Quatro. They are for kids ages 1-3. The great thing about these new legos is that, even though they are eight times larger than the Lego Duplo bricks (which are larger than regular legos), they can all still be used together. So as she gets older, she can still use the Lego Quatro bricks that we bought her with Lego Duplo and regular legos. Hooray! I guess this means that we are stuck buying the brand name building blocks. Kudos to a good marketing ploy, Lego Company.

I cannot wait to get Adrianna a little kitchen set. I had one growing up, and I remember that I loved it. I enjoyed making “meals” with the fake foods that came with it and enjoyed playing house. The kitchen sets they make today are much more complex than the one I had growing up. They are so fancy; much fancier than my real kitchen, that is for sure.

When I was telling Greg how excited I was to buy a kitchen set for Adrianna because of how much fun I had with mine growing up, he said with a smirk, “Sure didn’t do YOU much good though, did it?” Touché. You got me; I don’t like to cook. And speaking of cooking, my stomach is growling so I need to go make dinner now.

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4 Responses

  1. momma says:

    yeah I remember playing pet shop animals with karen and cindy. only thing is for some reason they didnt think I played right and they always gave me the reject animals they didnt want to play with. lol

  2. cindypoo says:

    Mom if it makes you feel better, karen and i were talking about this very thing on the way down here this weekend, and we both have had the same treatment from Ebony, we didnt play right…my ego was smashed when she was 3 and i was playing with the dollhouse with ebony and she is like…why dont you play over here with this. It was obvious i wasn’t playing right because she made me play a ways away from her and now we know how you felt!! hehe

  3. Karen says:

    Yeah, but I guess what goes around comes around. Ebony does the same thing to us now when we play with her! She gives us something to play with, and then tells us HOW to play with it…usually away from where she is playing hehe!

  4. momma says:

    I think when you get to a certain age, your imagination is just not the same anymore. It is not easy to play with little kids the same way as they play and imagine with other little kids.

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