Thursday 13 – Favorite Shows

My Top TiVoed Shows:

  1. Lost – This has got to be the best show on tv right now.
  2. The Office – This comedy hits so close to home for my job. So funny.
  3. Alias – I love Jennifer Garner and am sad that this is the final season.
  4. Scrubs – This show is hilarious. And they even have warm fuzzy moments and things to learn at the end of each show.
  5. American Idol – I want Elliott or Katherine to win. Was still surprised that Chris was voted off last night though.
  6. Invasion – I really like this show. We started watching it because it was on after Lost, but I have really gotten into it now.
  7. My Name is Earl
  8. Everwood – I know, it is a cheesy WB show, but I just like it.
  9. Scrapbook Memories
  10. DIY Scrapbooking
  11. King of Queens
  12. Reba
  13. Mission: Organization – (Now if only I could get myself organized in the process! I must be too busy watching tv.)

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4 Responses

  1. Zephra says:

    I just love the colors of you blog. Very pretty.

    I don’t even own a Tivo. Isn’t that sad?

  2. Nettie says:

    This is the second post in the last 5 min I’ve been reading to mention King of Queens. I guess I must give it a watch.

  3. mama kelly says:

    I don’t watch any of these – but I love my DVR – RIVO through my cable comp.

  4. Regina says:

    Nice site! I am 4,000 miles east off the shores of America, so I can’t really say i have seen any of these except Lost and AI. I could really use that Mission: Organization show!

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