Cici’s Pizza

Now that we have a child who likes to make noise when we go out to eat, we find ourselves eating at Cici’s Pizza more and more. Cici’s is a pizza buffet place that is frequented by many other families with small children, so we feel like we can go there and not get angry stares when our child makes a little noise or gets excited about her meal. Plus, it is good food for an affordable price and their cinnabread is delicious.

So after church yesterday, we found ourselves in line at Cici’s. It was there that we heard this little voice say, “Adrianna! Adrianna!”

Our first thought was that there must have been a little girl behind us who also had the name of Adrianna, because really, who would know our daughter since she is only 13 months old? We turned around anyways and it turns out there were a couple children behind us that did recognize our daughter. It was two of the children from her childcare, the little boy who calls her “Hawna” and his older sister who has only recently also started going to childcare there. They were excited to see Adrianna and had hurried their parents in the door so that they could get in line behind us. And we got to meet their parents who are probably around our age. That was pretty cool. I guess I am going to have to get used to being known as “Adrianna’s mom,” because I know it is only going to become even more frequent as she continues to grow up.

As we were eating our meal, we were also pleasantly surprised to see another person we knew, Aidan. He attends the church we went to when we first moved up to the north Denver area and we hadn’t seen him since probably 2002 when we started attending a different church.

Sometimes I really miss my small hometown where I cannot go anywhere without seeing someone I know, so I love it when I run into people we know when we are out and about here. It makes Denver seem a little more homey.

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