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To the teenage boys who drove by me as I walked on the sidewalk near my house this evening: If I can smell your cologne wafting out your car window as you drive by, it might be time to think about taking a shower and easing up on the smelly stuff in the future.

If you are a part of the WIC program*, please, please, please read the requirements of the items you are receiving before getting to the grocery checkout. If it says store brand cheese only, Kraft doesn’t cut it (pun intended). The people standing in line behind you might be in a hurry to get home after working an 8 hour day and having to wait for the checker to get you the proper item isn’t my idea of fun.

If the grocery cart dropoff is two stalls away from your car, use it. (Unless of course you are shopping alone with a baby or small child or are handicapped. Then all is forgiven.)

*Please note that I do not have anything against WIC. I think it is a great government assistance program. I also appreciate the fact that people can only buy healthy food items on WIC such as milk, cheese, and juice. If only food stamps were as well-mandated.

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  1. cindypoo says:

    i actually had a checkout lady who didnt know what she was doing and in the end i was sent to 3 different registers in 25minutes, not worth a gallon of milk!!

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