Smells Like…

When we were in Indiana for the family reunion last August, my Aunt Di gave me a Queen-size bedding set that had been my Grandma’s from the “green” guest room in her house. Today, for the first time, I took it out of the bag so I could fold it nicely and put it away with the rest of the spare bedding we have. As soon as I took it out, I smelled a scent that was undeniably the smell of my Grandma’s house. I love that smell. I cannot describe it, but I always recognize it and it always makes me feel happy. So happy that I was very tempted to bag everything right back up so that I can preserve the scent forever.

Instead, I decided that I really cannot hang onto the past, especially when that would consist of having to keep around a large bag of items that aren’t being used! I pulled out each item slowly and carefully, lifting each one to my nose and breathing in deeply, savoring the scent. Neatly folding each item into a pile on the floor, I then laid down on that same pile, inhaling the fragrance of Grandma’s house, each breath bringing back memories of fun times spent there. The sleepovers with my cousins, the delicious meals, playing board games, listening to the adults argue talk politics, the old clocks that would chime every fifteen minutes, searching for arrowheads at the sandhill near the river, exploring the barns and farm buildings (which also have a unique scent that I can still recall and that always reminds me of Grandpa), watching Grandma and Grandpa dance together to big band classics, playing the old Atari…

Amazing how one simple smell can evoke so many memories.

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2 Responses

  1. Grammy says:

    Sweet post! It brought a rush of emotion to me just thinking about your description. I can almost smell the scent of banana/orange breakfast fruit and the other scents of my grandparents house. Old Spice, and the undefinable smell of the entire house! Sweet memories. Thanks for sharing. Mary Lou and Butch left this morning and we spent time reminiscing.

  2. Karen says:

    I feel the same way. Sometimes I will smell things that remind me of Grandma’s house and the barn and shed. I bet that the quilt I got smells that way too.

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