BRAT diet

After Adrianna’s afternoon nap, we used the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) and fed her some toast and bananas and she was able to keep them, along with drinks of water, down. She seems to be feeling fine and was up and playing all afternoon with a new barn set toy I bought for her yesterday, complete with barnyard animals. It is so funny that whenever I get a free moment to sneak out and go shopping that I now always migrate to the toy or baby sections and end up buying Adrianna more things than I buy for myself.

Adrianna is such a chatterbox. She talks all the time, even if the words really aren’t intelligible to us grownups. It is truly as if she has her own language. But she is very good at repeating words and sounds back to us when we point out different objects to her. She also is recognizing more words every day and continues to surprise and astound me with her knowledge and how much she grasps already.

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