A Bomb Scare

Last night at about 1:45 a.m., we were sleeping soundly when all of a sudden our dogs, who sleep upstairs with us, began barking very loudly. Then, our doorbell rang.

Greg put on his bathrobe and went downstairs. He could see flashing lights through the blinds, so he knew it was the police and opened the door. A policewoman was standing there and she told him something along the lines of, “There’s a situation with your neighbor and there is the possiblity of a bomb. Please go to the far northeast corner of your house until further notice.”

Greg ran up the stairs and told me what she said while grabbing Adrianna from her room and we proceeded back to our bedroom which was in the proximity she told us to be in. We wanted so badly to go to the opposite side of the house so we could look out the windows at all the action, but of course we didn’t for our safety’s sake.

I wondered why the policewoman told us to be on the side of the house where the neighbor’s house is located, and Greg’s guess was that they had brought the supposed bomb out into the greenbelt on the other side of our house (where there aren’t any other houses) so that they could detonate it.

Greg and I were SO tired. We had fallen asleep late as it was and both us had had a hard time falling asleep due to our being sick and congested and my loud coughing every couple minutes. All we wanted to do was drift back to sleep until the cop came back to tell us everything was okay. But once Adrianna was awake, she was ready to play and was full of energy. I was so wishing that we had her playpen in our room so we could just put her in there and drift back to sleep, but our playpen was in the wrong side of our house so we couldn’t go get it. How do you convince a 12 month old to lay still so you can sleep when she is wide awake? I don’t know that it can be done.

After about 20 minutes, there was a loud boom and a flash of light. The explosion wasn’t as loud as I would have expected though, not that I have ever been in this type of situation before. So, we waited for the policewoman to come back and tell us all was okay so that we could put Adrianna back in her room. After some more time passed, there was another loud boom and another flash of light.

Maybe 10 minutes later, we heard a knock at our door again. The policewoman told us that all was okay, there wasn’t a bomb, and that it was a pressure container or something that must have looked like a bomb. *sigh of relief* I am glad there really wasn’t a bomb involved. Now that we felt all was safe, we went and did the whole rubbernecking thing out of one of the windows with a view. There was a bomb squad vehicle, a fire truck, and several police cars blocking the road in front of our house.

So that was our excitement for the evening.

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9 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    All I can say is !WOW!!

  2. Janis says:

    That is some scary neighbors!

  3. Nettie says:

    Now that is an adventure that doesn’t happen every day, at least here in America! Back in our live in scary apartment during college days there was a drug raid on an apartment in our complex. ATF guys surrounding the building, ordering tenants to go back inside, using tear gas bombs, the works. They arrested several huge guys with machine guns who’d been trying to flush a crack stash down the toilet. Makes you love your neighborhood, doesn’t it?

  4. Kristi says:

    I have to echo your mom, Amber. WOW!!! That is quite a story. Glad everything is OK. That will be something cool to tell Adrianna one day. “When you were 1 year old you played and had fun while the police detonated a bomb outside our house in the middle of the night.”

  5. Jenny says:

    What the crap?! That’s insane. I would have totally freaked out.

  6. ieatcrayonz says:

    My heart is still beating fast…


  7. cindypoo says:

    well isn’t that something that happens to everybody! crazy! Glad it all worked out but makes for a good icebreaker later on….so there we were…

  8. Faith says:

    Whoa Baby!!!

  1. 7/22/2006

    […] Gross, gross, gross! That has got to be what it was. Nothing else makes sense. Anyone who is a man or married to one knows about or has overheard the characteristic shake, shake, so I am convinced that is what I heard. I am assuming it is the next door neighbor. Due to the shortness of the event and the late hour, I doubt very much that it was a garden hose. This is from the same neighbor’s house that provided the bomb scare at 1:45 a.m. back in May. […]

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