New Banjo

Greg recently bought himself a new banjo and has been playing that thing almost nonstop (so it seems) during his free time. Here is a link to a video of Greg playing his new banjo. It is a tune he composed himself.

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4 Responses

  1. Kristi says:


  2. jamie says:

    Man. How crazy was your bomb threat? too funny/scary.
    Ethan now talks to himself at 4am when he wants to play. We will wake up and hear him talking(gibberish of course) and laughing like he and his stuffed animals are partying it up in there. It’s pretty cute. Fortunately we smile and fall right back asleep.

  3. jamie says:

    Hey, has Adrianna been having temper tantrums? Ethan has had one everyday for the past 3 days. What’s his deal?

  4. Faith says:

    How neat. Talented hubby!! thanks for sharing the video, it was neat to hear what you talking about! ;D

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