Thursday 13 – Favorite memories with Greggor

Thirteen of my favorite memories with Greg
  1. Our almost first date at the Sixpence None the Richer concert. Though it wasn’t really a date and we really didn’t get together for over a year later, I have fond memories of how things went oh-so-wrong. We still like to argue about who left who first to hang out with their friends of the opposite sex.
  2. The night Greg came into Godfather’s Pizza where I was working and finally asked me out. He was so shy. I can still remember that we were standing near the salad bar when he asked me out. After he left, I was so excited I jumped up and down and skipped around the kitchen. I later found out from a friend of Greg’s (who was in the car with him on their way back to Grace University) that Greg rolled down the window and shouted “Woohoo” or something out the window for all of Omaha to hear. September 18, 1998.
  3. Our real first date. He planned an outdoor picnic and then we went to the mall where we each had an envelope labeled “Date Money” and had a couple dollars to creatively spend on each other. Greg pointed out that my “Date Money” envelope was in pink and his was in blue. The fact that he had planned such a fun date totally swept me off my feet. September 23, 1998.
  4. When we were dating, we were kissing in Greg’s truck in a parking lot at Grace University after curfew. The security guard drove by and we ducked down to get out of sight. Greg accidently honked the horn. The security guard stopped his car for a few moments, but then continued on his merry way.
  5. Another time when we were dating, we found a deserted storage room on the Stanford building on the 2nd floor. It was open and unlocked, so we went in one evening so we could make out. (What can I say, I like kissing Greggor!) Then, we heard the security guard’s distinctive gait (he had a limp) coming down the hall. So we quickly locked the door and hid. When he got to the door, we heard him rattle the doorknob for quite awhile. My heart was pounding, but thankfully he didn’t have a key. The next day as I was coming back from class, I noticed the security guard and someone from maintenance were down by that storage room, which was once again deserted and unlocked. I bet they were pondering why it was locked the night before. Actually, I am pretty sure they could hedge some reasonable guesses, but thankfully had no clue who was to blame. Side Note: The security guard was a sweet old guy whom we thought looked like Santa Claus.
  6. One night we were in Council Bluffs, IA, at this hill that overlooked downtown Omaha. It was the place where Greg first kissed me. A cop pulled up and came and asked for our ids. We were just hanging out, so we weren’t in trouble, but he did ask us to leave. I guess the place can be kind of dangerous at night.
  7. The night Greg proposed – Sept 18, 1999
  8. Our wedding – January 28, 2000
  9. The birth of Adrianna – April 20, 2005. He was so supportive during the pregnancy and the labor. It was so sweet seeing my strong husband with tears in his eyes, over his little girl.
  10. Valentines Day 2006. Not only did he get me a beautiful orchid, he bought Adrianna her first Valentines Day present – a cute teddy bear. It brought tears to my eyes.
  11. Our Saturday mornings spent running errands and getting brunch at a restaurant. Though these aren’t as frequent now that we have a baby, I still treasure these moments.
  12. Making beautiful music together. hehe. I enjoy it when Greg plays his guitar and I sing along. We need to get back to recording some more.
  13. Watching Greg with Adrianna. He isn’t afraid to be silly with her and he is so proud of her.

I can think of many additional fun memories with my sweet hubby, and am looking forward to creating many more.


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4 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    I busted out laughing at number 4, greg accidently honking the horn!

  2. Faith says:

    Sweet list. I love to watch my hubby with all of the kiddos too. Evev the grown ones.

  3. Jen Allen says:

    I think it’s pretty neat that I new you through all of that. I still remember you telling me about some of your “make out” stories & all the trouble you could have gotten in to if the security guard would have found you on Stanford 2!

  4. Awwwww…so sweet. That gets me thinking about doing a post on the wonderful memories with my sweet husband. Sounds like you are madly in love with him. Beautiful pictures on your site by the way. I will have to come back. My TT is up.

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