Cannot Get Enough

Some days I feel like I just cannot get enough of Adrianna. She is growing up so quickly, right before my eyes, that I want to savor every moment. I want to take in every baby noise, every facial expression, and imprint it in my memory forever. I want to memorize the smooth curve of her cheek, the way she reaches for me, and the sweet way her face lights up whenever I walk into the room. I love the way she dances and sways to music and the way she pats me with her little hand when I hold her. I wish I could keep her like this forever.

I came home from work a couple hours early today because I was not feeling well. My intent was to take a nap before it was time to pick Adrianna up from the neighbor’s house, but the whole way home I was thinking about how much I wanted to see Adrianna. Going to work so early in the morning means that she is still asleep when I leave, so I don’t see her until I get home in the afternoon. (Thankfully it is only 3 days a week!) I was desperate to see her, but my pounding headache won out so I took a nap. I was unable to drift off to sleep for awhile, as I had visions of my Babyanna in my head, along with guilt over the precious hours I was giving up with her in order to take care of my selfish need for a nap.

When I awoke, the first thing I saw was my precious baby girl. Greg had picked her up for me. Adrianna and I went downstairs so Greg could continue with his workday. We listened to music, sang, danced, talked, and played with her toys for a couple hours. I drank in every moment and she loved the attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And tonight, when it was her bedtime, I didn’t want to put her to bed. I didn’t want my time with her to be done, even if it is just for today. For my little baby is growing up so fast, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

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    nice feature, with the posts of before and after, so we can just click on them 🙂

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