Chicken Pox Day 3

Another day stuck at home. No reason or excuse to leave today. We just had a lazy day today and spent it watching tv, playing with Adrianna, and messing around with web design stuff online (after Babyanna went to bed). Not too shabby.

Adrianna was a little fussy today and seemed more sleepy than usual. I am sure it is due to her chicken pox or whatever it is that she has. I am beginning to doubt the doctor’s diagnosis a little, as the spots still have not changed much since Thursday. No blisters or anything. I don’t think she had too many new ones appear either. But if it is chicken pox, at least it looks like it will be a mild case.

She doesn’t look too under the weather here in any case.

Notice those good-sized little chompers she’s got? Well, she likes to use them! Adrianna is always glad when I sit down on the floor with her and she often will crawl into my lap when I do so. The other day she crawled up into my lap and was sitting facing me. Then, without warning, she leaned forward and bit my boob. Ouch!

Today I was lounging on the couch and she crawled over and pulled herself up to a standing position. She was admiring my toenails, which are still looking pretty good from a pedicure I had in January. The next thing I knew, she had opened her mouth wide and was leaning in with the obvious intentions of inserting my toes into her mouth. No Adrianna. Let’s save the “putting your foot in your mouth” moments for when you can actually talk.

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    I love that picture. She looks so mischeiveous. Looks like the pox haven’t gotten her too down.

  2. janis says:

    Adrianna looks alot like Kristi in this picture I think.

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