Lithium Batteries

After Babies ‘R Us, we headed across the street to Best Buy. Our video camera hasn’t been working properly and was giving us a message that it needs cleaning, so my goal was to buy a cleaning tape for it. While I was there, I also remembered something else that I had been wanting – A lithium battery charger. I know, such a thing does not exist. But read on…

Awhile back, Greg and I purchased some lithium batteries. They were more expensive than regular batteries, so I guess I assumed that they were actually rechargeable batteries. Here is just one more example of why you should never assume anything. So the lithium batteries ran out of juice. Since we were using them for our digital camera, I decided I had better charge them back up since we take so many pictures. So I charged them. Or thought I did. When I tried to use the newly “charged” lithium batteries, they were still dead. This was a major bummer, as we were up in the mountains and our camera was out of batteries. So what did I do? I assumed (once again, bad choice!) that I had actually just forgotten to charge them. And tried again.

After trying the lithium batteries a third time with no luck, I looked on our battery charger and noticed it said Nickel Metal Hydride. So, instead of thinking that the batteries weren’t the right kind to be able to be charged, I just assumed (there’s that darn word again!) that I needed a different charger to juice them back up. That’s where Best Buy came in. Once I got there, I was unable to find a “lithium battery charger”. But after looking at all the batteries and the chargers, the lightbulb finally came on and I realized my stupidity error. So I bought REAL rechargeable batteries instead.

So there is my confession of a majorly dumb ordeal that I went through. I feel pretty stupid.

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3 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    I never would have known that you couldn’t recharge lithium batteries…I probably would’ve asked the sales associate and felt really stupid…of course, I always have the option of blaming such silliness on the color of my hair 😉

  2. Amber says:

    Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that I did ask the sales associate where the “lithium battery chargers” were. She was a young girl though, so she might not have known either as she didn’t seem to think anything of it when she showed me the battery charger section. Either that or she was great at keeping a straight face and is laughing at me behind my back to all her Best Buy buddies.

  3. mom says:

    i am still confused…. video camera batteries are expensive to begin with …they are those big batteries right? why would anyone sell video camera batteries that can not be charged? i never knew they had such batteries.

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