Chloe’s Cape(r)

Otherwise known as Wonderdog and the Attack of the Evil Towel.

I was busy at my computer this evening, preparing Karen and Zach’s taxes. Greg and Adrianna were already asleep. I was interrupted from my deep concentration by a sad, pathetic whine. Thinking one of the dogs wanted to go outside to take care of business, I quietly called their names. No response other than more whining. Molly wasn’t at her normal post at my feet, so I thought perhaps she accidently got locked in the bedroom with Greg. I got up from my chair to go investigate, figuring that I just needed to let the dog out of the closed bedroom. When I got to the bedroom, I heard the whining coming from down the stairs. This is what I found:

Chloe's Cape(r)

Yes, she is wearing that towel like a cape. We use old towels in their kennel, but I don’t believe this one had a hole in it previously, as I am usually pretty careful about that sort of thing for this very reason. But, it appears that she somehow wriggled her way into a hole in the towel and then couldn’t get out. She managed to get up half the flight of stairs to the landing in between, where she was stuck. Afraid to venture up the remainder of the stairs, she resorted to whining pathetically until I rescued her (after taking a picture of course).

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7 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, I literally laughed out loud. Such a regal puppy, ready for the evening gown competition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. janis says:


  3. cindy says:

    it reminds me of the my little ponies movie we had with baby moondance and they put that huge cape on her so she has something to wear to i forgot the event. hehe

  4. Karen says:

    that is so cute! I laughed when I saw it…what a silly dog you have Amber.

    And cindy, she was wearing it to “the ball” I think…though why they were having a ball I don’t remember…I think it was for that Megan girl?

  5. cindy says:

    well now we can start a my little pony comment page to figure this out! hehe

  6. Faith says:

    How cute. It looks like something I would have done on purpose to my dog when I was little. I mean, if I’d had a dog! ;D

  7. Peaches says:

    That is awesome!!! Looks like something Daphne would do – she must get it from Mama. =)

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