I just heard a song that I fell in love with on Pandora (a free online music service). The song was Roam by Lijie, who is an artist I have never heard of before. For me, it was one of those songs that only 30 seconds into it had me excited and quickly searching the web for more information on the artist. I love her voice and the simple piano accompaniment of the song. And the sweetness of her voice in the chorus. I need to add this song to my music collection and soon. I guess that is why I felt I had to blog about it only minutes after listening to it and surfing through her website.

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  1. cody says:

    just heard lijie live at a borders in san rafael california [20 jan 2006]. beautiful voice. nice somgs. really good music.most of all… a genuine person.

    she played “roam.” and another called “blue.”

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