Finger Prickin’

I am starting to get the hang out of having to prick my fingers to test my blood sugar levels. At least, I am not having to prick them twice just for one reading nearly as often. I think the hardest part is remembering to do it an hour after each meal.

Giving up sweets and stuff with carbs is proving to be quite difficult and frustrating. Poor Greg is having to alter his diet as well when we cook a meal together. At least he can still have desserts later though!

I have gotten a quite a few questions regarding gestational diabetes, so I thought I would address them here just in case anyone else was wondering. I am learning lots!

Will the baby or I have diabetes after the baby is born?

Neither the baby or I will have diabetes once the pregnancy is over. Gestational Diabetes has something to do with hormones and the placenta, which is delivered after the baby.

What are the risks/implications this will have on the baby?

Gestational diabetes puts me at risk to have a bigger baby, so they will be sure to monitor that and won’t let me go past my due date. It also could make the baby’s lungs develop a little slower, which means they also wouldn’t want to induce too early either. It will make her have LOW blood sugar after delivery, since she is used to the high blood sugar. So they will monitor her pretty closely for awhile. But long term, it should not have any adverse effects for the baby.

What are the risks/implications this will have on me?

Having Gestational diabetes increases MY chances of developing Type II diabetes in the future by about 60%. (Which means checking my blood sugar levels will become a normal part of my doctor’s exams even when I am not pregnant.) But I learned today from my diabetes class that if I eat right, exercise, and keep my weight at a good level that my chances can then go down to 25% chance instead, so that is good news. My chances of having Gestational diabetes for future pregnancies is also increased. I also have to monitor my blood sugar levels, which means pricking my fingers 2-4 times a day and putting the blood on a monitor that I had to buy. Though my doctor says I won’t need insulin, I may need to get on medication to help keep the levels where they should be for the remainder of this pregnancy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im glad Cindy JR. wont have to go through a lack of sugar, i know i would freak!

  2. anonymous says:

    im glad janis JR. wont have to go through a lack of sugar, i know i would freak!

  3. anonymous says:

    its good your doing your homework so you can stay healthy 🙂

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