Baby and her Bears

Our normal bedtime routine with Adrianna includes rocking her to sleep, using our glider chair. Glider chairs are such a blessing for new parents, by the way. While I rock her, I either sing to her or I play music while she winds down. Then, when she is asleep or almost asleep, I lay her down on her belly and rub her back. That usually does the trick.

There have been a couple nights this week where we have put her to bed still awake though for different reasons. Both times when I have gone in to check on her later, she is asleep and cuddling one of her stuffed animals. So cute. Now that she is older, toys are becoming more important to her and she seems to be developing favorites. I think it is great that they also bring her comfort as she falls asleep.

Adrianna and her bear
A couple nights ago she cuddled one of her bears (shown above). Tonight, it is her dog, Droolie.

Teddy bears have come in handy in other ways too. Now that Adrianna is more mobile, changing her diaper is often a complicated game of trying to keep her from rolling over while taking one diaper off, cleaning up baby, and quickly replacing the old diaper with a new, clean one before any accidents (both pee, poop, or rolling off the table) occur. Easier said than done.

Sometimes, when Adrianna is feeling needy and just wants to be cuddled, there are also tears.

In both cases, I have found that distraction is key. I keep a teddy bear right next to the changing table. When needed, he makes an appearance, complete with a cheesy growl (provided by me). Adrianna loves it and it usually provides the distraction I need to get the job done. This particular bear only makes appearances at diaper changing time, so he is always a fresh novelty toy for Adrianna. So thank you Roston Newton (a college friend who gave me the bear about 7 years ago) for the cute bear. Mr. Bear is very loved and serves a very important job in our house.

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  1. Kristi says:

    I’m going to have to start calling the baby “Stretch” because she’s so LOOOOONG. Especially in some of the photos in the gallery.

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