My Favorite Children’s Music

I listen to a lot of children’s music with Adrianna. It is funny, because I am finding myself enjoying most of it. Even so, I do prefer some albums over others. I thought I would include a list of my favorite children’s music. I expect that this will expand as we continue to purchase more music for Adrianna. I know there is a They Might be Giants album out there that I am curious to sample. So here is my list so far, in no particular order.

  1. Pet and Play by Do-Re-Me & You (created by )
    • This CD comes with a touch and feel book which Adrianna loves. She enjoys touching the different textures. There is one page with a little mirror and she will bring the book all the way up to her face until it is touching her little mouth so that there are baby prints all over it. Greg and I both enjoy the music. Light, acoustic guitar (and other instruments) accompanies the clear and concise vocals. The instrumentation on this album is superb and of better quality than many children’s albums.
  2. Wiggle Waggle by Do-Re-Me & You (created by Kindermusik)
    • Like the Pet and Play CD, this CD also comes with a board book. The CD itself has light, acoustic guitar (and other instruments) which accompanies the clear and concise vocals. The instrumentation on this album is superb and of better quality than many children’s albums. Adrianna’s Grammy also gave us a stuffed bee and mobile that match the characters from the board book. The bee has become one of Adrianna’s favorite toys.
  3. O Mickey, Where Art Thou? from Walt Disney Records.
    • I have mentioned this CD on my blog before. It is like the O Brother, Where Art Thou? CD but for children. It takes popular songs from Disney movies such as Toy Story and Lion King and puts them to bluegrass tunes. I am very impressed. I like most of the songs on it and enjoy listening to the music right along with Adrianna.
  4. Disney’s Lullaby Album, Vol. 2
    • Of all the instrumental albums we own, both children’s or otherwise, this is one of my absolute favorites. Beautiful piano accompanied by other instruments. Very soothing and well put-together. When I rock Adrianna to sleep while playing this album, it makes me want to fall asleep too (in a good way of course!)
  5. 20 Songs for Kids, Vol. 1 by The Benson Company, Inc. ©1987.
    • This is actually a cassette tape from my own childhood that includes many old gospel and Sunday School songs. Maybe it is nostalgia that prompts me to include this on my list of favorites, but I just love this tape. The songs have great harmonies and descants (I am a sucker for good harmonies) and I wish I could find this on a CD. But alas, I cannot seem to find this online anywhere. Probably because it was created before the major advent of the CD or the internet as we know it today. *sigh* How did we ever live before the internet?
  6. Cedarmont Kids
    • We have several CDs from the Cedarmont Kids, and I like all of them. Some songs are better than others, but overall they are great listening.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Greg actually told me that he already has the They Might Be Giants cd, but he didn’t know that it was actually billed as a children’s album.

    Also, I see that you watched the Importance of Being Earnest. Jess and I tried to watch it late at night once when we were really tired, and it felt like we were repeatedly getting punched in the face with all the lightning quick dialogue.

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