Emmy Cat has 4 white paws

Jeff wrote this catchy song and sang it for us while we were in Vancouver and I STILL have that darn thing in my head and cannot get rid of it. Btw – Emmy is their cat and the blanket that Jess crocheted is actually white and yellow. 🙂

Emmy cat has four white paws,
out of which shoot four very dangerous (very dangerous) claws.
Dangerous claws, not dangerous paws.

And the other verse:

Jess it’s time to crochet
a black and yellow blanket for your niece.
Jess it’s time to crochet
a black and yellow blanket made out of yarn and not out of fleece.
Not out of fleece, not out of fleece.

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Jeff is good. I think he should get an award for his song.

  2. Jen Allen says:

    Well…I must agree with Jeff. That song gave me the shivers. Well, it was either that song or the fact that my A/C just kicked on right above me. I’ll vote for option #1. Haha! The song does sort of remind me of those poems Chad Isley used to send to Amber every once in awhile…those were hilarious too!

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