“She’s gonna get her nose pushed in”

Well, in all fairness, I guess the first mistake in using an idiom should be my own. This is one that my mom especially likes to bring up.

In 1990 when I was 12 or 13, my mom, dad, and I went to the animal shelter in Cheyenne and ended up adopting a sweet little red dachshund, Buddy. Buddy was the first dachshund we ever owned and thus began our love for the breed.

Anyways, we had just adopted Buddy at the shelter and were eating lunch in Cheyenne before heading home. We were talking about how our existing pets, namely our tabby cat Sandy, would take the new addition to our family. I told my parents that she was bound to “get her nose pushed in.” What I meant was that she was going to “get her nose bent out of shape.”

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