Today I was “that guy”

I decided to cook dinner tonight for Greg and Eric since they were outside working so hard pouring cement in our backyard (more on that later). So I took Adrianna to Safeway to get some groceries. I have decided Safeway isn’t entirely baby friendly. Here’s why:

  1. Their darn shopping carts. Baby carriers have this thing that allows you to latch them into various things such as their carseat base, strollers, and shopping carts. However, the Safeway I go to has stupid advertisements in the babyseat part of the stroller, so there is no room to click the baby carrier into place. I could put her carrier up there anyways, but I feel it would be unsafe. So I put her into the cart’s main area. So I have to pack groceries around the baby.
  2. The bag boy asks the couple in line in front of me if they need help taking out their stuff. Mind you, this couple (meaning TWO people) don’t have that much stuff or any children with them and were obviously capable of taking out their own groceries without assistance. Then, the bag boy bags up my groceries and then walks off to another counter to bag up groceries. Doesn’t put the bagged groceries in my cart, doesn’t offer to help me out even though I could have really used it since I had packed in quite a few on the top and the bottom of the cart plus I had a baby. ARGH. I mean, this is Safeway, not Bag-N-Save where you have to bag your own stuff in exchange for lower prices. I have always said “No, thank you” when asked if I needed help prior to having Adrianna or when Greg is along to assist, but today I could really have used the help.

So, between that and some frustration I had over the indifferent checker who badly needs some customer service skills, I became “that guy“, as Shad would put it, or rather, “that girl”. And I did what I have always gotten frustrated at others for doing. I didn’t put my cart away. In my defense, I didn’t want to leave Adrianna unattended in the car. And I did move the cart out of the way enough so that the parking spaces weren’t blocked. Darn Safeway. Look what you have made me become! hehe.

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