Twirly Girl

Adrianna is more little girl and less little baby every day. She enjoys “reading” books together more than anything. She will bring me books and climb into my lap so I can read them to her. This reading still consists more of her turning the pages before I can actually read the text on the page, or she points out things in the pictures so I can name them for her if she doesn’t name them first. She is recognizing more and more pictures and spoken words every day. She continues to amaze me with how fast she is learning. She knows and says quite a few words without prompting. The most common ones are:

  • Ball = Bah
  • Dog = Dah
  • Dad = D
  • Bird = Buh
  • Bear = Beh
  • Eye = eh

She recognizes and mimics so many more. Whenever I ask the dogs if they want to go outside, Adrianna also perks up and starts running for the back door right along with the dogs.

Adrianna loves being held and twirled around really fast. This makes me so dizzy! When we twirl, I will say “Wheeeee” in a high, excited voice and she will echo back “ehhhhhh” in a high voice as we twirl round and round. This is often also accompanied by much laughter on both our parts as we get dizzier and dizzier.

Yesterday as we were twirling, Greg came downstairs and saw all the fun we were having. So of course he wanted to join in. So he took a turn at twirling Adrianna. You cannot twirl around with saying “Whee” or “ahh” so he followed suit. Soon Adrianna was doing the same. The funny thing was that it wasn’t in her high-pitched voice that she uses when I twirl her. It was in a lower pitch. I can only guess this is because Greg’s voice is lower than mine and she is such a little mimic.

In a similar manner to twirling, she also likes to dance with me. I will hold her and dance around the room to whatever music is playing, bouncing her to the beat. This is great exercise; I should do this more often.

Yesterday evening, Adrianna and I had a girls’ night. Greg was at worship team for church, so it was just the two of us. After we had danced together for awhile, I was tired. I tried putting Adrianna down, but she wouldn’t have any of that and immediately lifted her arms up so that I would pick her back up. So we sat together in our glider chair. I started to rock and sing to her like I used to do when she was younger and not so wiggly. She laid her head on my shoulder and we rocked and I sang to her for about 10 minutes, which is a lot of minutes to stay in one place in toddler time. I drank in every precious second.

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2 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    That is an awful lot of minutes in Toddler Time!! How fantastic that she gave you that snuggle. Sometimes I think I’d pay any amount of money to have that little lump of baby that that cuddled onto me for hours at a time just for an afternoon. So sweet!

  2. Karen says:

    That is so cute that she runs to the door with the “other children” 🙂

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