What To Do When Water is Not Available

Adrianna loves to play with water. Specifically, she loves to play with water and transfer it from cup to cup. I don’t think a day goes by where she doesn’t ask if she can go outside and play with her cups and “wateh.”

Sometimes it is too chilly for her to play with water and of course she cannot play with water inside unless she is taking a bath. She doesn’t let this stop her though. She either uses the dogs’ water or when mean mommy puts that out of her reach, she makes her own water. Yes, my sweet baby girl somehow has learned that by spitting into her cups she has a few drips of water to play with. So spit she does. Or, if she has a sippy cup handy, she will intake the liquid into her mouth and spit it out into the play cups. Pbthhh!

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  1. momma knows best says:

    I hope she doesn’t think about filling up her cups with toilet water! Remember a little sister of yours that did that? hehe!

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