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I love shopping for Adrianna. It is so much fun looking at all the baby toys and trying to pick out the very best ones; the ones I think she will like and learn from the best.

Today, I took Adrianna to Babies ‘R Us. She was in a great mood and I had plenty of time to kill, so we ended up spending quite awhile there. My goal was to buy an Activity Center. They had maybe 10 different ones on display. I took the display model of the one I liked the best (the Baby Einstein Caterpillar Discover & Play Activity Center) down from the shelf and placed Adrianna into it to make sure she liked it too. She did. So I bought it. I also bought her a Baby Mozart DVD and a puppet that sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The puppet is cool. It has a little thing in its mouth so that you can control how fast it sings the song while you move its mouth. I tried the puppet out on Adrianna before we left the store, and she responded with many smiles and happy noises, so I figured it was a good purchase.

While we were happily browsing, Adrianna was such a little charmer. She was so talkative that everyone who passed by us smiled at her. A new grandmother was pondering an Activity Gym purchase near where Adrianna and I were. I noticed her standing in front of the selection for quite some time. Finally, she came over and asked if I wouldn’t mind if she asked what I thought and if Adrianna had one. I told her that we do have one for Adrianna and that she loves it and we use it daily. I asked how old her grandchild was. Turns out, her granddaughter was born on the same day as Adrianna, so I told her that she was probably the right age for it and described the one we have and which features Adrianna liked best about ours. Hopefully it helped the lady make a decision on what to get her little granddaughter. 🙂

I also got Adrianna a shopping cart cover so that I can place her into the cover rather than on the dirty, germ-infested seat when we go shopping. (Up until now, we have just kept her in her carseat when we go shopping.) The cover is also supposed to work with highchairs, which is great for when we go out to eat.

UPDATE: The Baby Einstein Caterpillar Discover & Play Activity Center was a great buy. Though it was a little pricey, I am so glad I got it. Adrianna loves this thing. She is learning cause and effect as she pushes the noisemaker that plays animal sounds and plays tunes. Sometimes she gets so excited that she rocks her little body back and forth. Thankfully this thing is sturdy and made to withstand it and doesn’t show any sign of turning over.

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