Ovarian Cyst

I went to the doctor today about some pain in my lower left side that I have been having this past week. It has been tender to the touch and at times it would hurt to walk or move, but for the most part it didn’t hurt too bad. Kind of an off and on thing. Anyhow, the doctor tells me I have an ovarian cyst. This was consistent with my theory of what it might be after checking webmd.com after a particularly painful night last night. The doctor said not to worry at this point. I am to take 600 mg of ibuprofin 3 times and day and also put heat where the pain is. If it doesn’t go away in 2-3 weeks, I will have to go in for an ultrasound to make sure it isn’t more serious. I am hoping it goes away on its own, and soon, so I don’t have to worry about it.

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