Umbilical Cord

Adrianna’s umbilical cord finally fell off today. I am so glad – that thing was pretty icky looking.

Last night was another rough night here at the Reimer household. Adrianna didn’t let us get much sleep again. Up until now, we have not been able to get Adrianna to sleep in her cradle. She only sleeps good at night if she is in her carseat. So last night I had decided to try again to get her to sleep in her cradle. When I first put her down, she did okay. Until she woke up for her first feeding. After that, I could not get her back to sleep. I would lay her down in the cradle and get back to bed. As soon as I got comfortable, she would start fussing. I would let her fuss for just a bit, hoping she would go back to sleep on her own, but unfortunately that did not occur. Finally, after several hours of alternately feeding, changing, and trying to get her back to sleep in her cradle I was crying myself in frustration and utter exhaustion. I finally gave in at about 6:00 a.m. and went and got her carseat and put her down in that instead. Adrianna then went to sleep. *sigh*

Greg said some of the sweetest words to me this morning. When I was feeling really down and exhausted and also feeling like I was a bit of a failure since I could not get our child to sleep in her cradle, he rolled over and cuddled me and told me he thought I was doing a good job and that he thought I was a good mom. That brought on even more tears, but those were words I desperately needed to hear.

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  1. janis says:

    I wouldn’t feel bad Amber. Because Adrianna really can’t help it , she wants to be like her momma so much and I think she overheard me say how you had slept in your car seat for several weeks after you were born. So she is just wanting to be like her momma 🙂

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