Iowa/Omaha trip

Last weekend, Greg and I attended a surprise birthday party in Iowa for one of Greg’s old college friends, Chris, that we have only seen once since leaving Omaha 4 years ago. Greg used to be in a band with Chris and another guy there, Eric, called Breakfast with Erasmus. It was a short-lived band, but I am glad that I was able to go to their one concert in Lincoln, NE. 🙂 Greg and Eric were also in another band together during college for several years before Greg and I began dating called Springfield. I did attend some of their concerts too, and especially liked the cat song, which is a “true” story about how girls would visit their apartment just to see their cat and could care less about the guys who lived there too.

Anyways, we both had a really good time. I enjoyed getting to know Chris’ wife, Anja, better. It was so good to see friends from college that we haven’t seen in so long. Chad Isely was there, which I totally was not expecting. I was glad to see him. I remember Sally and I used to covet the “encouragement notes” and drawings we would receive from him during our time at Grace. I also had a lot of fun playing with Chris and Anja’s 15 month old daughter Keelyn. That has really made me start looking even more forward to having a kid of our own soon!

We then headed back to Omaha where we of course stayed with Shad and Lynette. As always, the dogs made a lot of noise running all over their place while we kept busy with some Mario Kart DoubleDash.

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  1. cindy loo says:

    im really behind- you silly people and your blogs, mama made me read em. haha:D

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