Stronger Every Day

Adrianna is getting stronger every day. I know I probably say that a lot, but it is true. Babies develop and grow so amazingly fast that each new day seems to bring new accomplishments!

She has been able to roll from her back to her side for awhile now. I regret that I don’t remember the first time I noticed her doing this (for documentation’s sake), but I believe it is still a fairly new thing. Another thing I enjoy doing with her is holding her upright and letting her put weight on her legs as if she were standing. She also can sit upright if I hold her around the hips or lower waist for support. And when I pull her up, using her arms, from laying down on her back, she is able to hold her head steady with good control of her neck.

One of my favorite things to do now is read to Adrianna. I have been trying to read to her for several weeks, but only recently does she kinda pay attention. I have been reading The Ugliest Dog in the World and But No Elephants. The Ugliest Dog in the World is great for her language development, because it has a lot of words. But she gets bored quicker with it. But No Elephants has more colorful pictures and isn’t as wordy. Both books were favorites of mine as a child.

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