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A few people have asked me about my current job situation, since I was *supposed* to go back to work July 12th. I was waiting until I had something finite to post, which I do as of today.

I start work tomorrow morning. However, I will no longer be employed by the company whom I have been employed with for over 4 years. Instead, I will be the employee of a temp agency contracting out to my former employer. Confused yet?

Basically, the powers-that-be in my department decided that they did not want to start a precedent by allowing me to come back part-time. (Even though there was a part-time worker there for two years, but a different manager who allowed that is no longer our manager.) So, I will be a contract worker through a temp agency, doing the same job I have been doing for 4 years. The pay per hour will be the same as what I was making before, so that is great news! I will be hourly instead of salary. I will not have benefits or accrue vacation, but I didn’t expect that I would since I will be working only 12 hours a week.

I had to formally resign from my company, go in to the temp agency and apply (knowing I had the job anyways) and take a drug test (again, as if I were a new employee). I will have to get a new badge at work. A bunch of silly formalities really.

In spite of how silly I think this whole thing is, especially since my employer is going to end up paying a lot more for me in the long run than they would’ve if they would have just let me work part-time without the whole temp agency thing, I am okay with the situation. I am glad to be going back to work, as I love my job and my coworkers. Greg will be home with Adrianna, so we don’t have to worry about childcare. This will allow me some time out of the house to do my own thing, even if it is just working. The way I see it, I am just glad that my employer is letting me do this at all, as they could have just said “No, thank you” when I asked to work part-time.

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