Estes Park

While we were visiting my parents this past weekend, I downloaded quite a few pictures that my dad has taken over the past couple years that I had not yet seen. Some of the ones I am most excited about are the ones he took of our time in Estes Park last July.

Just seeing these camping pics has made me anxious to go camping again. I am not sure how we could manage it with a newborn though since we only have a tent. Maybe we could rent a cabin somewhere this year and just take day trips/hikes instead. I would love to stay in a cabin! *hint for Greggor* Of course, even then we would have to worry about diapers and all the fun stuff that comes with having a baby. But I would so love to get back up to the mountains this summer. Why else live in Colorado if you cannot partake of the mountains?

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  1. janis says:

    I just love looking at the picture of the “triplets” so cute! I had forgotten about those pictures of estes park. I am glad you downloaded alot of our pics amber , that way like dad said if something happened to our computer you would have our pics and so not a total loss. I heard from karen last night for the first time since they left for their honeymoon and she text messege: We are safe and having fun. Didn’t want you to worry! Love you! Karen

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