Busy Day

This morning, Eric Smith flew in from Minneapolis. He was on his way to a family reunion in Breckenridge. The plan was that he would hang out at our house until his family drove through from Nebraska and they would pick him up. I went into work late so Greg could pick Eric up from the airport.

After I was at work for a few hours, Greg called me to inform me that they had accidently left one of Eric’s bags in the car. Oops. So I had to drive home an hour early. No big deal. This way, I was able to say hello to Matthew, Matthew’s new wife, and their parents. (Eric and Matthew both attended Grace University at the same time as Greg and I.)

This evening, we went down to Englewood to help Jen Allen pack up her moving truck. Most of the packing had already been done by the time we arrived, but Greg was able to help load some of the heavier items. I was glad for the chance to see Jen one more time as well and also to meet her new man, Zach. I cannot believe she is moving away. I am saddened by it but happy for her all at the same time.

After we drove the 40 minutes back home, I realized that I had left my purse at Jen’s. ARGH. I was so mad at myself. By this time, it was already 10:45 p.m. So I called Jen. She had tried to call us, but unfortunately Greg’s cell had died (I had to plug it in to make the call) and mine was in my purse, so we didn’t receive her messages. *sigh* Oh well. So I made the trip back down to Englewood and then back home again. On the way back, I was getting pretty tired. It was nearing midnight. Thank goodness for my iPod though. One of my all-time favorite songs, High Enough, came on. I know, early 90’s stuff, but I like the song. I love hair-band ballads. And no mom, the song is not about drugs… Anyways, I played it over and over and totally rocked out singing at the top of my voice, quite off-key, until I felt hoarse. It kept me awake for the drive and I had a great time too. One of my favorite parts of long trips is singing to my favorite songs. And singing loudly. Of course, I only do this when I am alone. I have these grandiose desires to one day get over my inhibitions and do a great off-key belted karaoke rendition complete with air guitar. I know that will never happen. But it makes me smile all the same as I daydream about it.

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  1. mom says:

    hehe that made me laugh when i saw the: ‘and no mom, the song is not about drugs’ lol

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