Big Baby

I took Adrianna in for her “well-baby” checkup today. The doctor said she is doing great in every regard. Adrianna measured out to be 24 inches long and I think she was 11 lbs 14 oz for weight. The doctor said she is in the 80th percentile for her age. I cannot remember if that was for her height or weight or both. The nurse also commented on how long Adrianna is. I think she is going to be tall like her daddy. 🙂

Adrianna had to get another vaccine shot today. Poor sweet little girl. She was such a good baby throughout her whole entire appointment. It sucked that she had to end such a good appointment with a yucky shot. She takes in this big gulp of air and all is silent for a moment, but you know what is coming. And then she lets loose with her supersonic scream cry that she does for shots and other traumatic events. It was cute and sad at the same time.

I also had my 6 week postpartum checkup today. I am at 7 weeks postpartum really; I am just a procrastinator. Everything checked out a-ok. I was glad Greg came along to our two appointments so he could help me with Adrianna.

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