New Photo Gallery

So I have been debating for a month or two about switching my photo gallery over to service rather than hosting them myself on my site. I have been trying out Google’s Picasa Web Albums since December and I really like it so far. I already use their Picasa photo program, so mass uploading lots of photos is a breeze.

Google’s Web albums have some features that I am especially pleased with:

  • Easy uploading
  • Privacy Options (I may take advantage of this in the future)
  • Comments feature, allowing others to comment on photos
  • Easy downloading/sharing for family members who choose to do so
  • Easy Print Ordering
  • No sign-in required for guests to view (for Public albums)
  • RSS Feed
  • Overall User-Friendliness
  • And hey, it’s Google.

So for any future pictures, I will be posting them on my Google Picasa Web Album at Right now everything is public, but I may turn some into private albums (viewable only by invitation). We’ll see. I have posted over 200 new photos in the last couple of days, so enjoy!

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