Missin’ my Dogs SO much

Monday evening I drove up to my parents’ house with Adrianna, Chloe, and Molly. My mom is going to dog-sit Chloe and Molly for us for a couple weeks. I came back to Denver on Tuesday. The whole trip back, I felt like I was forgetting something. And ever since I have gotten back, I have been missing my sweet dogs so much. Every time I see a toy of theirs or when I take a nap (since they always join me) I especially feel it. They are such good company to me, especially when Greg is at work. I also feel safer with them around.

My mom said that after I left, both dogs sat by the front door for awhile waiting for me to come back. Poor babies. They are fine now; they have Abby the chihuahua to play with and they love being at my parents’ house. I cannot wait to see them again already.

If it is this hard to leave my dogs somewhere for more than a couple hours, I cannot even imagine what a mess I would be if I had to leave Adrianna anywhere for very long. The few times I have been apart from Adrianna have not gone over 4 hours, and by that time, I am anxious to get back home to see her again.

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