Seven Random Facts

I have been tagged by Jillian of Jillian Rose Designs to list 7 random facts on my blog. How fun!

  1. I started [traditional] scrapbooking in college on a whim. I didn’t know ANYTHING about the proper way to do it, so I simply bought a book, started cutting up my pictures, and adhering them to my pages. The worst part – I used Sticky Tack to set the pics on my pages!!! *shudder*  (I have since redone all of those horrid pages.)
  2. I have this weird attachment to stuffed animals. I cannot part with any of them; there is a part of me that feels guilty and like I am betraying them or hurting their feelings. When I see a stuffed animal at a thrift store or garage sale, it makes me sad and I feel them calling to me, asking me to adopt them.
  3. I have lived in 6 different states across the Midwest (for 2 months or more): Indiana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Colorado.
  4. Greg and I first met when we were both part of a worship team at Grace University in 1997.
  5. My favorite snack is popcorn, along with a glass of diet coke. I also have a weakness for chocolate cake, cookies, and tall glasses of very cold milk.
  6. I love diet coke, but ONLY the kind that comes in bottles or cans. I cannot stand diet coke that is in fountain drinks. On the flip side, I like regular coke from fountain drinks, but I am not crazy about regular coke in bottles or cans.
  7. I enjoy playing MarioKart with Greg. MarioKart has played an important role in our marriage from the very beginning 8.5 years ago. Three game systems later and I think things just keep getting better and better. (Both the MarioKart games AND our marriage. LOL)

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2 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    I know! That blog made me bawl too. And then that second post about the pitcher just made so much sense to me. And when she said the part about when she first saw her husband and said Lord I know I dont deserve him but if you could just give me someone like him. And then she goes on to say, 8 years and 5 kids later, I’m a better person because He gave me him. And I just wanted to run over and hug my husband so tight because I’m a better person too because God let me have him. And I’m a better person because God gave me Ethan and Sophia. And I havent deserved any one of them. And then it just reminds me of how every time Javi does something wrong (which really is quite often but also quite little and unimportant, like walk to the car and realize he forgot the keys or go to the store and realize he forgot his walet or miss the exit on the freeway because he’s talking and forgets to drive) but everytime I almost always say something and have to remind him of it. I reading that post I was reminded of how God is so patient with me, never throwing up my flaws to show how little I deserve but giving me the whole world inspite of all of my flaws. Loving me, even while I make mistakes.Anyway, didnt mean to be preachy, the blog just really resignated with me.

  2. Jillian Rose says:

    I definatly know how you feel when it comes to those stuffed animals. I have every last one of them from my childhood, and I just can’t seem to let them go. Hopefully my daughter will appreciate them as much as I have.

    Thank you for participating in my tag! 🙂

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