Out of the house!

I was able to get out of the house for the first time today (not counting doctor appointments or grocery trips). Oh, it felt so good! It was such a beautiful day today, so Greg and I took Adrianna, Chloe, and Molly out for a walk. Adrianna slept through most of it in her stroller. Chloe and Molly spent most of the time choking themselves as they strained at their leashes in excitement. Stupid dogs. At least they had fun though. We all walked down to the Cobblestone Park near our house.

After we got home, we spent a lazy afternoon on the couch. I read while Greg played his banjo and Adrianna continued to snooze on. The dogs dozed on the couch with us.

One sad note to our walk though: it looks like the prairie dogs are no longer at the park. Their town looks like it has been filled in and I am guessing they were removed; maybe because of the bubonic plague going around again among prairie dog towns? No matter the reason, I was sad that they were gone. They always used to be a highlight of my walks. I loved watching them. They are such adorable animals and I love how they are part of a community. Their “barks” to warn other members of scary humans afoot. How their tails move every time they bark. How they play and chase each other around. And how they sit up on the haunches to look around. Poor dogs…

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