Diet Coke with Splenda

The new Diet Coke with Splenda (rather than Aspertame) is on supermarket shelves now – Hooray! Since Splenda is supposed to be better than Aspertame, I was excited to try it. The taste is different from the regular diet coke and you cannot get it in the caffeine-free version which is a bummer. But overall, it is not too bad. I think it tastes a little like Diet Rite, which is also made with Splenda. I have to admit that I like the regular diet coke’s flavor a little better than this new one with Splenda, but I will probably buy the new splenda version (at least some of the time) so that I drink less of the aspertame as a whole.

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3 Responses

  1. janis says:

    I have a dream that someday you will be begging me to go into a health food store with you!

  2. Karen says:

    I am trying to do away with pop all together. I’ve actually been doing pretty good. It helps that the girls at work hold me accountable and (Kendra expecially) frown when they see me with one, or hear that I’ve had one!

  3. shad says:

    i’ve stopped drinking soda as well.. the dentist advised me that i should as it was too hard on my teeth.. but it’s also good for me health wise.. i still have some on sundays at the family lunch, but then i go brush my teeth afterwards once we get home. It’s really hard though because soda is SOOOooooo goood.

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