8 Random Things

So I was tagged by Julie from And Katie Makes 3 to post 8 random things about me. I feel so special. 🙂 But now I need to think of some “interesting” and random things about myself. Hmmmm…

Well, I will do my best to put some random things here that I haven’t discussed too much on my blog. Some may be familiar to you, but hopefully there will be a couple things that you don’t know about me.

  1. I am scared of bears. I used to have nightmares about bears on a regular basis. The scenarios were often the same; herds of bears roaming my neighborhood and breaking into houses. They were always either grizzly bears or polar bears. Thankfully I do not have these scary dreams as frequently as I used to, but I still worry sometimes when we are hiking or camping up in the mountains.
  2. I love my laptop and wireless connection. I can be online anywhere in the house. I am in the bathroom right now. I know, eww…gross, right?
  3. I have only had stitches three times in my life. Once when I got my wisdom teeth out, once immediately after Adrianna was born, and once after I had surgery for several umbilical hernias (from labor).
  4. I dislocated my knee while singing, only 10 minutes before leaving for my highschool graduation. After a hospital trip and a lot of morphine later, I made it to graduation. I hobbled down the aisle with a big brace on my leg and was still able to sing my songs that I was scheduled to perform. I wasn’t nervous at all, thanks to the morphine. I don’t remember much of the ceremony. I do remember being sad that I couldn’t dance at the square dance that was held afterwards. (Hey, square dances are fun! My favorite is the Virginia Reel. And this WAS Wyoming after all.)
  5. I turn 30 this year. That makes me feel old.
  6. I dated two cowboys, two policemen, and one “Musselman” before finding the love of my life, a musician.
  7. When I am in my car alone, I like to sing my heart out. Sometimes I pretend I am on American Idol. (But I know I could never actually BE on American Idol because I am too uncoordinated and am not a good dancer AT ALL.)
  8. Greg thinks I have a crush on Ewan McGregor, Colin Firth, or Chris Thile (of Nickel Creek). I don’t really of course, but I really do like Ewan in The Island and his singing in Moulin Rouge, I like Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice (and his British accent), and I have never seen anyone make playing the mandolin look so cool and rock out like Chris Thile.

So now it’s my turn to tag I guess. Okay, Karen, Cindy, Janis, Jamie, Jen, and Jen. Your turn!

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4 Responses

  1. momma knows best says:

    I still think you should try out for american idol. I know you would make it in. and you dont have to dance to get throught the initial tryouts. you dont necessarily have to dance at all later either. I dont think jordan dances. I remember turning 30, It was hard, but I remember the lady I was talking to at the time about it, and she made the comment,”I wish I was turning 30 again”. Puts it into prospective.

  2. jamie says:

    uh-oh. so when you say Jamie, do you mean, Jamie?

  3. jamiepoole says:

    Hey, also wanted to say that I love the pic of Adrianna in the pool. What a beautiful picture of pure happiness. I love it! And I like your shirt with the blue and brown stripes. I need some long shirts like that. Not just bc iM preg. Im also the torso woman, with the world’s longest torso, so it’s really hard to find shirts that arent too short on me.

  4. Jen says:

    I’ll try to get to your challenge soon. I feel pretty boring so coming up with 8 things may be a challenge!

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