Things I’ve learned

Adrianna is 2 weeks old today. I have found that I am learning many things as a new mom. This list continues to grow by the hour.

  1. Babies do not breathe with a “normal” breathing pattern. They can go from very audible, quick breaths to very inaudible, slow breathing patterns that worry mommy so much that she hops out of bed in the middle of the night to make sure baby is breathing. This consists of gently feeling baby’s chest to look for a rise and fall or putting her finger in front of baby’s nose to see if any air can be felt.
  2. Babies can get acne.
  3. Newborns often fall asleep while eating. The doctors all advise to feed them for 30 minutes, but when baby falls asleep (and there is no waking them up – once they are out, they are out) after 5 minutes of feeding, that means frequent “snacks” in between meals. This keeps mommy very busy and feeling like a virtual milk machine.
  4. Newborns go through about 8-10 diapers a day according to the books. Well, I don’t know how many Adrianna has gone through per day, but it sure feels like a lot more. Probably because she has a knack for soiling a diaper virtually minutes after getting a fresh one put on.
  5. Babies leave little time for mommy to get anything else done around the house, no matter how ambitious mommy is at the start of her day. See items #3 & 4 above.
  6. Babies fart a lot. Loudly and Explosively. As gross as this may sound, it is actually quite helpful because then you know that they are due for a diaper change.
  7. Babies are worth every minute of work. The instant love you feel for your child is amazing.

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3 Responses

  1. Shad The Future Colorado Springs Resident says:

    Man.. we feel so bad that we’re not there =(
    Moving to Colorado is obviously a plus because of the surroundings, but we feel like we’re really missing out on Adrianna’s beginnings. So we’ll be there just as soon as possible (and if we don’t get work soon, we’ll come visit for a weekend just to see you guys.) but Adrianna… seriously.. save some of that stuff for us! (not that we want to deal with it.. but we’d love to watch your parents deal with it 😉

  2. Shad The Future Colorado Springs Resident says:

    you know.. p.s. i don’t know if you guys remember this.. but i remember when we first found out that you were pregnant.. and lynette and i were saying to each other how great it’d be to live there near you in Colorado, but then for awhile there it looked like it just wasn’t going to happen, and i’m just so happy that it’s going to happen now. (sorry, had to get that out)

  3. Jen Allen says:

    Shad…May I please tell you that I got to enjoy little Adrianna the other evening & also the company of her mommy & daddy? It was great, she is adorable, and Amber looks really good for just having her! I’m like an honorary Aunt Jen & that makes me feel all warm & fuzzy 🙂 ~Had a great time Greg, Amber, and Adrianna…Thanks!!

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