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More and more, Adrianna imitates everyday things that we do not even realize she is observing. For instance, we never taught her to throw used kleenex into the trash, but she does it on her own. We never showed her what keys are for, but whenever she gets a hold of mine, she runs to the door and tries to fit them into the doorknob. She is constantly amazing me with all the things she is learning from us on a daily basis; things we never “taught” her or went out of our way to show her. Her mind is like a little sponge.

Tonight, she took this imitation of everyday events to a whole new level.

It all started out innocently enough. In fact, it was great. She grabbed a clean diaper, laid down on the floor, and grabbed her diaper that she currently had on and said, “Dada?”

“Do you want a diaper change, Adrianna?”
“Ah.” (Yes)

She rarely lays down on her own and asks for a diaper change, so I was quite pleased and impressed. She even grabbed a wipe and wiped herself. I think she is getting closer to being ready to use her new potty chair we bought.

Not long after the diaper change, I was sitting on the floor when she walked over to me, holding another clean diaper. She then pushed her hand against my chest and said, “Down.”

She wanted me to lay down on the floor. Curious as to what she would do next, I lay down as she requested. She then proceeded to lift up my shirt a few inches. Then she started to fiddle with the button on my jeans while still holding on to the clean diaper she had brought over. Then it dawned on me. She was trying to change my “diaper!”

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  1. cindy says:

    that is pretty funny! i was on the phone with amber and she could not stop laughing!! Sweet girl, you know you can buy dolls that you change diapers for, like not just cloth anymore, actual little plastic diapers!!! Crazy how they are training little girls at a younger age to be housewives, so buy her some tools and a brief case too, evens out thins 😉

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