Eden’s Backyard

While at Shad and Lynette’s this weekend, we decided to look at some Open Houses. Our main goal was just to get a look at what the area has to offer and what we can expect to get for the money, that kind of thing. What we found was this really nice 5 bedroom house with the most amazing backyard. The backyard was better than a park. Seriously. It had 3 beautifully landscaped tiers, lots of mature trees (including some fruit trees), lots of flowers, a children’s 2-level playhouse, a shed, a cement patio, and a large deck. For all this though, it would be relatively low-maintenance as only one tier has grass, and the whole thing is hooked up to a sprinkler and drip system – even some of the flowers that were hanging from an archway were part of the drip system. Just amazing.

The house itself was also really nice. It is an older house, built in the 70’s, but seems well taken care of. Decent carpet (although I wasn’t crazy about the master bedroom’s blue carpet), new paint throughout, granite countertops in the kitchen, tiled flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms, huge pantry, 5 bedrooms, family room, living room, and a den.

This place was just great. I wanted to put down an offer right then and there. But, since we weren’t planning on actually falling in love with a place this early in the game, we are totally unprepared. So today was spent contacting a lender and seeing if we would even prequalify and that sort of thing. And once again, it looks like our contact at Clarion Mortgage, Anita Villars, is going to come through for us with a good rate. We have gone through her for our last house purchase and a refinance and are obviously pleased with the rates she finds for us.

Even though we loved the house, we are still hesitant and going back and forwards on actually making the final decision. On one hand, I want to jump on it right now (especially tonight after viewing some pictures of the place that Shad took for us). On the other hand, we were looking forward to looking at tons of houses to make sure we had the very best one. Looking at houses, with the intent to buy, is so much fun! But back to the first hand – I don’t want to let the perfect house slip away. *sigh* I hate big decisions. Especially the decisions that are so costly.

One cool thing is that if we don’t get this dream of a house, we know that it wasn’t where God wanted us. Even though I would be disappointed and probably cry a little over it (due to recent stresses and the disappointment!), we can rest assured that there is something that is better for us. It may not have the Edenesque backyard, but being in God’s will is better anyways, right? I just gotta keep telling myself that…

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  1. Karen says:

    Just wait till your little poopers get to that yard! 😉

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