New WordPress version

Last night Greg updated the blogging software that I use (WordPress) to their latest version. I am pretty excited about the changes, as they allow for “templates” to be created and also offer many for free download. The ones that they offer for download are open source under General Public License which means that I am then allowed to alter or change the downloaded templates however I like. This will provide me with greater flexibility and options for the layout and design of my blog. I do not know a whole lot about coding, but I know enough to make simple changes and I am thoroughly enjoying myself already. 😀

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2 Responses

  1. shad says:

    NOW your blog is exactly what i wanted to do with mine!!
    i can’t wait to get this new version! =)

  2. shad says:

    p.s. i think the photo on top should be the one with you and greg and greg is looking off into the distance like a frontiersman
    that’s a great one!

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