I’ll admit it. I suffer from a mild case of road rage. Driving in heavy traffic gets my heart pounding, my jaw clenches, and I can feel my temper and stress-level rising.

To get to my class at Colorado Christian University yesterday evening, I took I-25 to 6th Ave, because that is the way that Mapquest recommended (Mistake #1). Last night, there was an accident right at I-25 and 6th Ave. After wasting probably an extra 20-30 minutes or more sitting in the parking lot that is also known as I-25 (Mistake #2), the radio guy reported the accident. Well, thanks for the information, but I could have used the info 20-30 minutes ago! Anyways, if you would have been along I-25 yesterday, you would have seen me gesturing wildly and yelling at all the stupid people in front of me. Where do all these people think that they have to be anyways? No profanity, mind you, and no birds. And my windows are always up, as I would never have the audacity to actually yell at people who could actually hear me. But my frustration was coming out just the same.

Which leads me to another thought: Don’t you wish life was like the SIMS where you could see a bubble above everyone in traffic that would indicate where they are headed or their thoughts? I always thought that would be pretty interesting, albeit sometimes scary too.

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