Visit from an old friend

So this weekend a good friend of mine, Nate, whom I have known since I was 12 (wow-14+ years!) came to visit us. He was in town to visit his father who is in the hospital here (and who thankfully is recovering well). It was so great to see him. Nathan is one of those great friends whom you can go for a long time without seeing, but then once you get back together, it is like no time really has passed. We met at camp years ago and since he lives in Casper which is 2 hours away from where I grew up, I guess we are used to sporadic visits, contenting ourselves to mostly see each other at camps or youth rallies throughout the year.

Anyways, we kept busy playing some Mario-Kart Doubledash, shopping for computer gadgets, and looking at old pictures of ourselves together back when we were in our awkward stages. 🙂 There’s another reason that he is a great friend-he met me during my most awkward years and still liked me anyways. hehe.

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3 Responses

  1. janis says:

    THANKS 🙂 I knew you could do it!! you found something to be “glad” about 🙂

  2. Cindy Poo says:

    good ‘ol Nate

  3. Nate says:

    Duuuude, Thanks for all the complements, but I’m sure I don’t deserve them. I think you were and are an awesome friend as well, even through my “awkward” years that I’m still in!!! Can’t wait till our next meeting.

    My Dad is doing much better now and he will be coming home tomorrow. Thanks again for letter me stay @ your place over the weekend. Talk about the sweet hookup!!!

    Hey “Cindy Poo” or Karen, drop me a line sometime an maybe I can swing through Laramie one of these days. That would be sweeeeet!!!

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