Scrapbook Layout Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to scrapbooking Valentine’s Day, there are several topics you can choose from. You may want to make a page to remember a special Valentine’s date, a page about someone you love, or a child’s Valentine’s Day party at school. Perhaps you could tell a story about how you and your special Valentine met, or create a page about a favorite romantic spot or memory.

Check out these creative scrapbook layouts full of inspiration for scrapbooking your Valentine’s Day photos. I like that the first layout uses a dark gray color as the primary color for a layout about her son while another layout uses black as its primary color for a layout about a Valentine’s Day date. This use of non-traditional colors made the layouts stand out to me and proves that you aren’t limited to red and pink for your February layouts.

Links to layouts:

  1. Layout by Leanne Allinson at
  2. Layout by luckyme at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  3. Layout by Biancka at
  4. Layout by CarolinaScrapper at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  5. Layout by kristalund at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  6. Layout by kristalund at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  7. Layout by Mendi Yoshikawa at
  8. Layout by tkradtke at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  9. Layout by Sheana at Sweet Shoppe Designs
  10. Layout by kendrawalter at
  11. Layout by tracermajig at
  12. Layout by Amy L at

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