Leaving on a Tair-Tane…

Greg had a business trip to San Francisco this week. Adrianna and I dropped him off at the airport on Sunday afternoon. I explained to Adrianna that Daddy was going to go bye-bye on an airplane and then pointed out a couple airplanes taking off. So all week she and I have been talking about how Daddy went bye-bye. This same conversation played out in various ways many times each day.

“Yes, bye-bye.”
“Yeah, Daddy went bye-bye.”
“That’s right; Daddy went bye-bye on an airplane.”
“Uh-huh. Daddy went bye-bye.”
And on and on it went.

We both missed Greg very much and are so happy to have him back at home. Adrianna was a little overwhelmed when we first picked Greg up but after she relaxed she chattered happily the whole way home and gave Greg lots of cuddles and smiles. And I know I will sleep a lot easier tonight. I just feel more relaxed and safe when Greg is home.

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