Quit Sitting on the Job

This isn’t so much a funny thing that was said, but more a laughable reaction to what was said.

When Karen was two, she was sitting on our yellow armchair and someone jokingly told her to “Quit sitting on the job.” She raised up her bottom and looked down to see what she was supposedly sitting on.

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  1. jamie says:

    hey just read your message and I was wondering how often do you give solids? I have been giving
    3 solids a day but may drop down to 2 to see if e will take more breast milk. Im not sure what
    to do and the doctors here dont seem to think mothers need to bf for more than 6 months eventhough
    the APA recommends at least a year to reap the full results of bf. Anyway, was just wondering what other moms are doing. Thanks.

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