Lefties and Puppies

My Grandma Yergler has told me that my Aunt Diane and my cousin Jennifer are also left-handed. Only time will tell for Adrianna I guess. She’s got several years to go before deciding. hehe.

Adrianna is starting to grip things with her hands more and more. Her favorites right now are: Mommy’s hair, Mommy’s shirt, and her own shirt. Again, her left hand is her favored one thus far, but she does occasionally use her right hand as well.

She is starting to notice Chloe and Molly a little more now. Up until recently, she didn’t pay them any mind at all, even though they are always nearby checking up on her, sniffing her, or licking her. But lately I have noticed her watching them briefly. I think she is still motivated to watch them primarily because she recognizes movement more than anything else. Chloe and Molly are still wonderful with her. They will lay on the floor with Adrianna and I and will often accidently lay in the path of Adrianna’s feet. When she gets to pumping, they get kicked a few times. They don’t seem to mind one bit and don’t react negatively at all. I sometimes will take Adrianna’s hand and let her “pet the puppies” as a learning experience for them and her. When I do this, Molly instantly rolls over on her back, just like she does when anyone else pets her. Silly, loveable dog.

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