Smalltown Fireworks = Fun

We attended a fireworks display while we were visiting my parents. Adrianna enjoyed them. She and Greg watched the show from the inside of our car so that the booms wouldn’t be too loud. Adrianna would watch the fireworks and point at them. After awhile though, like a typical toddler, she did get bored. I watched the first half of the fireworks show with my family in the stands and the second half of the show with Greg in our car.

My hometown is a small town (less than 4000 people) so the actual fireworks display probably isn’t as fancy as one you would see in a larger town. In spite of that, they do a pretty good job and I always have a good time when I go. But the thing I really love about the fireworks display in my hometown is the whole atmosphere of the entire place before and during the show.

The fireworks are shot off at the local fairgrounds. So you pull into the fairgrounds parking lot and you can park your car and walk into the stands to watch the main display. Or, you can do what many of the citizens do and park your car near your friends and shoot off your own fireworks until the real show starts. So what happens is that you have one huge tailgate party all over the fairgrounds parking lot and surrounding areas, complete with fireworks being shot off all over the place. I would guess that there are more people outside the stands than there are in the stands. It is such a fun, social environment. One that can only be found in a small town. I would imagine that such a thing wouldn’t fly in a big city and that the cops would be all over that. It is a little dangerous perhaps (I always am on the lookout for stray fireworks as I trek across the lot) but it is so much fun. Greg was bummed that we forgot to tell him that he could bring his own fireworks to shoot off before the show started.

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2 Responses

  1. momma says:

    sorry I forgot to tell him too. well this way you guys HAVE to come again next year for the fireworks and he can do them then!!

  2. Kristi says:

    I had major lonely pangs for Fourth of July in Colorado this year.

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