I am really loving my small group at MOPS. Not only are they fun to hang out with at the actual MOPS meetings twice a month but we have also been getting together outside of MOPS a couple times a month too. So far we have had a playdate for our kids, a bbq for our families, and a girls’ night (last Friday) where we all stayed up late playing games and getting to know each other a little better. All the moms are my age (mid to late 20’s) or in their early 30’s. I am the only mom in the group who works full time and has only one child. Everyone else has two or more, so Amanda keeps telling me that I am going to catch the pregnancy bug next and I better not drink the water at the MOPS meetings.

It is nice getting to know some other moms. They are in the same stage I am. Not only is this a nice benefit for when we hang out because there is an expectation that kids will be coming too (in most cases) but I can also ask them questions about things Adrianna is doing and they understand and, since they already have 2 or more kids, have already had one child go through it already. I was able to talk to Amy about Adrianna’s bullying the other kids at nursery and how it surprised me even though I have read that this is normal toddler behavior that will need to be dealt with. It was so nice to hear reassurance and advice from another mom who has a child only a few months older than Adrianna who is coming out of that stage.

Our group is getting together again this Friday morning to visit a pumpkin patch with the kids. The place has 2 jumping castles with unlimited playtime, animals to pet, and a corn maze, so it sounds like it will be fun. And it is only $2 a person to get in. I am looking forward to it already.

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